Woolen clothes manufacturer Ludhiana India

We are a Woolen clothes manufacturer Ludhiana India. We are based in the heart of India. Our company is known for the best garment manufacturing, specializing in woolen clothes. Our materials are of the best quality. We have a team of qualified and professional workers. The working relationship between the employer and the employee in our company is top notch and we work together in order to give you the customer, the best and quality services.

Our prices are very competitive and affordable as compared to the other companies in the same field. Apart from the competitive and affordable prices we offer worldwide distribution, enabling us to reach more customers than our competitors. Having our agents and distributors worldwide enables us observe time and reach our customers in good time as compared to the other companies.

Being a Woolen clothes manufacturer in Ludhiana India ,we always make sure we get our wool from the best wool companies in order to give our customers the best clothes. Our garments are very fashionable and are all weather that is they can be worn all year be it summer, or winter.

Our mission for the company is to be the best there will ever be in garment manufacturing and exporting. Customer satisfaction is always met and is our key priority. We are also keen on expanding our company to accommodate more customers and offer employment to more workers so as not to disappoint our ever growing clientele.

Our vision is to always meet our customer's needs. We have a qualified customer care team where our customers can always feel free to raise any issue or complain to us anytime, regarding our products. For detailed information, visit our website http://www.regaliagarments.com